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Welcome to Your New Life

On Location 180 you’re going to find a few different recurring themes. Essentially Location 180 is all about living a life that you’re excited about.  If you’re in a job, relationship, or lifestyle you hate this is your opportunity to do something about it.

Becoming a Location Rebel

Two years ago I was unhappy.  I was in a job I hated and I made a point to do something about it.  I moved to Thailand, started building some skills and started a series of businesses around them. One of the coolest things about Location 180 is you see the transformation from unhappy cubicle jockey to successful entrepreneur.  Check out the archives to see what I mean.  In the mean time, here are some of the most important posts around that:

My Last Day – I wrote this two days after leaving my job as a financial analyst.

I’m Moving to Thailand – This is when I announced I was moving to Thailand.

Improve Your Life in Just ONE Easy Step – A video shot on a beach in Thailand that details the single most important thing I did to achieve this lifestyle.

Why My Lifestyle Business Has Been So Successful – A year and a half after leaving my job I go into all the financial details of my business, detailing just how attainable it is to work on your own doing stuff you love.

Conquering Your Bucket List

When I started the site, I did so with the goal of doing more of the cool stuff I’d always wanted to do in my life.  To that effect I wrote out my bucket list, and made it public to hold myself accountable.

Location 180 Two Year Anniversary – This is a HUGE recap where you can see just how far I’ve come since leaving my job.  I’ve done some cool stuff 🙂

The Year of Confidence – After getting the chance to speak at the inaugural World Domination Summit, I realized how importance confidence is to the success I’ve had.

How to Run a Marathon With (Almost) No Training – My favorite bucket list accomplishment to date.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Other Popular Posts

There are a variety of posts that people seem to really like.  These are a few of them, some have to do with business, others doing cool stuff, and some are just totally random!

How to Build a Membership Site in 48 Hours – One of the businesses I’ve created revolves around the idea of a membership site.  Looking to build one of your own? This is all the information you need.

How to Become an SEO Freelancer in 48 Hours – The most popular how to post I’ve ever written on the site.  I show you how easy it is to learn the skills necessary to build a real business in way less time than you think.

How to Make an Extra $1,000 in a Month – The very first popular post I ever wrote on Location 180.  It still gets dozens of hits a day, and is full of creative ways to make a little extra cash.

A Few Other Fun Things to Check Out

Location Rebel – I specialize in helping other people learn how to build businesses they can run from anywhere.  I’ve developed the most in depth course ever created on building a true lifestyle business.

Services – Along with Location Rebel, I do one on one consulting on the following topics:

  • Creating a lifestyle business that will allow you to do the stuff you really want to in life,
  • Search Engine Optimization: I make your site rank highly for the keywords that matter.
  • Creating a Mind-blowing Affiliate Program:  Have a new site or product that you want people to actually be excited to promote and talk about?  Thats where I come in.

Make Your Photos Not Suck – In keeping with the idea of a lifestyle business.  I created a book about one of my biggest hobbies, HDR photography.  If that’s something you’re into, check it out.

Archives – Everything else.  There are currently 566 posts on Location 180.  Pace yourself.

That should be plenty to get you started, anything else you want to know.  I’m an open book, just head over to the contact page and let me know whats on your mind.


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