Over the years, I’ve worked from a LOT of different places: Cafes in Bali, call centers in the Philippines, 5 star hotels, and $5/night rooms.  But the reality is, you can be productive anywhere. It’s all about getting in the right mindset, and in some cases, getting your physical space right as well. This post from Kayla Matthews will help you nail that perfect desk setup, regardless of where it is. Take it away, Kayla! — Calling all freelancers and remote workers! You have the freedom to work anywhere in the world. That’s awesome. However, your workspace and “desk” setup is likely always changing. Yet, no matter where you work, it’s nice to have your own space to inspire and motivate you. So, below,

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Should You Start a Niche Site or a Freelancing Business?

Over the last few years I’ve built two blog niche sites with a lot of success. One (which I don’t update anymore), is in the photography niche. The other I’m very active with and is in the golf niche. Both have been extremely enjoyable to work on, led to a lot of great connections, and made some money in the process. However, neither have made enough money that I felt comfortable solely living off of the income. I’ve written a fair amount about niche sites over the years, and this post continues to be the most popular on Location 180. Niche Sites Vs. Freelancing Because this post has been so successful, I get a few dozen emails a week from people telling

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15 Strategies for Beating Procrastination When You Work from Home

I’ve been working for myself for almost seven years now, and in those seven years, you’d think it would have gotten easier for me to stay motivated all the time when I’m working from home. The reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. My entire life, I’ve struggled with focus. I’ll have the best of intentions, and even be excited to work on various projects, but actually following through and getting more than 20-30 minutes of concentrated work done at a time? Extremely difficult. I fit the model for inattentive ADD to a T, and other family members have been diagnosed with it – but I’ve always had the mindset of “I’ve gotten this far in life on my own, I should

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Why Every New Entrepreneur Should Travel More

You want to know an insider’s secret for growing a business quickly? Travel more. It seems counterintuitive, right? For years I’ve been espousing on the fact that you can maintain a business while on the road, but it’s difficult to grow a business on the road. While generally I believe that to be true, today I’m going to show you why strategic, regular travel can be one of the fastest ways to grow a business. Let’s hop in the Delorean for a second back, to January of 2010. In January of 2010, I took a leap and I moved to Thailand. During that time, I was traveling around the country and meeting all sorts of incredible people, who were doing interesting things. Those were

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Why I’m Killing Location 180

I’ve built a lot of my business and brand around the premise of taking calculated risks – small leaps, that have the potential to greatly enhance your quality of life. Uncertainty is an asset is what I’ve always preached. Those who fear uncertainty will remain in a comfortable, albeit potentially unfulfilled life. Those who embrace it will create great things, great stories, and help a lot of people in the process. Yet despite talking about these concepts all the time, and taking numerous leaps over the years – I feel like in this moment, I’m a bit of a hypocrite. When You’re Too Comfortable to Change The seventh (!) anniversary of this site was just a couple weeks ago, and we’re coming up

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15 Characteristics to Look for in Remote Teams

Note from Sean: More and more people are working in remote teams now. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you need to understand in order to get your remote teams working together smoothly. This post from Kayla shows you how to get it done.  Take it away, Kayla! — Working remotely from home is a dream for many people. Fortunately, this dream is becoming more and more common with the growth of global business. Today, about half of U.S. workers have a job that allows them to telecommute at least 20 to 25 percent of the time. And up to 90 percent of U.S. workers say they’d like to be able to at least telecommute part-time. However, getting

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What I Learned from Doing a Daily Video Blog

I remember the first time I watched one of Casey Neistat’s daily vlogs. All I could think was “this guy is crazy.” I mean who on earth can come up with an interesting story, shoot the story, edit it, and post it every single day – while not sacrificing on quality and entertainment. Yet, day in and day out he did it – and I was transfixed. And the more I watched, the more I became intrigued. I started by creating a weekly vlog, which I did for about 4 months – and had a little bit of success with. And the more I thought about a daily vlog, the scarier the thought became. Until finally, one day, I decided to actually

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How to Craft a Guest Blogging Pitch No Popular Blogger Can Resist

A few weeks ago, you saw one of the very best guest posts I’ve ever seen, and the best on this site by Location Rebel member Alp Turan called How Complete Newbies Can Land Killer Guest Posts: The Ultimate Guide. At over 7,000 words it was a pretty epic post to say the least, and chock full of incredible information. So, needless to say, I’m pumped to announce that Part II is ready to roll today. At another 5,000+ words (not counting all the bonus material) you do not want to miss it. In this section, you’ll learn how to craft the guest post pitch and make it so bloggers cannot wait to say yes! Sounds pretty good, right? To check

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How to Make Your First Dollar Online

How’s that for a generic title, huh? There are literally thousands of blog posts on the internet about this topic, but I wanted to share what I would personally do if I had to make a hundred bucks in a week, with no prior skills, experiences, or connections. It’s really not nearly as hard as you might think – but it does take a little bit of work to setup. The good news, is once you’ve done the basics, depending on the size of your network, you can repeat over and over again and continue to bring in revenue. You ready for this? Awesome. If you’d rather watch a video than read through this post, I’ve got you covered. Watch away, and

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Plan a Trip: My 9 Most Indispensable Travel Tools

Note from Sean: If you’ve been reading this blog long enough and follow what we do over here at Location 180, you should know that Liz Froment is my Location Rebel community manager. She also happens to love taking off on some epic travel adventures. So she was the perfect pick to cover a couple of her favorite travel tools that can help you find deals and save time.  Take it away Liz! — One of the biggest reasons why I joined Location Rebel in the first place was because I desperately wanted the freedom to be able to travel whenever I wanted. Turns out, just having two weeks was not something that really worked well when I would try to

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