I still vividly remember the days before Location 180 where I’d sit in my cubicle reading blog posts about location independence from Chris Guillebeau. The office building I worked at had an outdoor garden patio, where I used to go during my breaks to sit and daydream about someplace more exotic.  I’d pretend like I was sitting in a garden in Hong Kong for instance. Other days I’d run along the river in downtown Portland and pretend that I was running on the beach in Bali. In some ways I think these daydreams helped to fast track my goal of actually being in these places. In the 5 years since then I’ve talked to a lot of people who have built successful

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Get Rich Slowly: Be Your Own CFO Review

Check out “Be Your Own CFO” for yourself right here. It’s not very often I devote a whole blog post to a single product, but in this case, I felt it was necessary. First, some quick backstory. Let’s backtrack to November 2009. I’d just recently left my job, I’d just found out I was moving to Thailand, and I was now working full time to try and grow Location 180. I’d written a few guest posts for smaller travel or lifestyle blogs, but nothing major. That is until JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly agreed to publish a post called “Budgeting for a Lifestyle Change”.  For over year it was the highest traffic day I’d ever had on my blog.

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A House, an Engagement, and a Huge Kick in the Ass

I’m not even entirely sure where to start with this post, so I’m just going to start. The last month has been, how shall we say? A whirlwind. How you might ask? Well, let’s just throw it all out there: It started with our Enter China beta launch. A day later we kicked off the inaugural Pioneer Nation event I closed on a house a week later Turned 29 Got engaged to Tate Oh, and those last three all happened on the same day. I feel like I became a grown up all in a span of about 3 hours. So, let’s back up for a sec and I’ll recap everything as best I can. The Engagement This is far

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How to Create a Workcation (And Get a Free Trip)

This is a guest post from Noah Kagan. He runs AppSumo.com, How to Make your first $1,000 Business course and a new, free marketing tool called SumoMe.com. Not only does he want you to read about how to take a workcation, he wants to help you take one. Leave a comment at the end of this post about why you need a workcation, and he’ll be buying a plane ticket to Austin and hooking up lodging for one lucky reader who gets to go down and work with the Appsumo team for a few days. Seriously, all you have to do is leave a comment. With that, Take it away Noah! ———————————————————————————— A few weeks ago, I went to Thailand

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How I (Almost) Became a Chinese Import Magnate

In August of 2011, I received an interesting email from blog reader who wanted to get together for a beer while he was back home for a holiday. Now I get emails like this a lot, but not usually from people living in Guangzhou, China who are doing something completely different than most of my readers. I was intrigued enough to say yes, and a week later I met Nick Ramil for the first time. There’s been a few times in my life where I’ve had conversations that have made me completely rethink the world around me: Sitting on Copacabana beach talking with my buddy Ryan talking about how there had to be a different way to do things The first

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Would You Rather Have Personal or Professional?

Recently I got an unsubscribe notification from my mailing list that said the following: Am only interested in information that is current and beneficial to my online business. Nearly every newsletter is an apology for lateness or some silly anecdote – not at all professional. Ok sure, every once in awhile my Sunday newsletter comes out a little late, but what I really want to address is that last part “not at all professional.” As a blogger, especially one that puts my personal life on the forefront at times, finding this balance can be extremely difficult. How much information do I share, how personal do I get? Should I even talk about myself at all? As I’ve made the transition

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How to Create a Website For Your Freelance Writing Business

Note from Sean: This is a guest post from Location Rebel member Karen Marston. She’s been in the community for over two years, and has built an incredible business for herself as a freelance copywriter. When it comes to marketing yourself as a writer, she’s one of the best people I know. Take it away Karen! – If you want to become a freelance writer, you’ve probably thought about building a website. And then you probably thought about how hard that will be, how complicated it is, how long it will take, how you don’t even know what the first step is —  so you put your writing dreams on hold. Believe me, I get it. I did the same

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How to Earn Extremely Targeted Traffic from reddit (For Any Niche)

This is a guest post from Dan Reifenberger of Video Phone Home. He’s a good friend of mine, and because of the strategies he’s sharing today, I quadrupled my traffic last month for one of my other websites. So pay attention. Take it away Dan! – reddit earns a hundred million unique visitors a month. Yes, it’s always spelled with a lowercase ‘r.’ And NO, it’s not all cat pictures and inside jokes. In fact, what if I told you a portion of those visitors are looking for a business or blog just like yours…on reddit…right now? It’s true. But how do you find the hundred thousand people looking for you in a sea of a hundred MILLION? It’s simple, but not

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How to Decide if Entrepreneurship is Right for You

For the last five years, I’ve spent a lot of time with entrepreneurs – perhaps, even too much. The traditional advice is to spend time around the people that you’re striving to be like. Well, for my whole life I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur – so it was the natural fit. Trips, meals, parties – they’d always be about strategies, tactics, big wins, lessons learned, and generally how we could take our businesses to the next level. When you’re surrounded by that for so long, there’s a part of you that almost begins to think that owning a business is the only way of doing things – even though it most certainly is not. On a different level, I’ve come across

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The Biggest Opportunity for Ambitious Entreprenuers in 2014

Over the last year I’ve helped a lot of people build a lot of businesses. Everything from freelance writing, to SEO, to blogging, to ecommerce – you name it, readers of this blog and members of Location Rebel have been killing it. Most of them have been building lifestyle businesses. Meaning they work on their own, make somewhere in the range of $2-10k a month and do whatever they want, whenever they want. It’s an awesome life, and it’s what I’ve been doing for the past year. On the flip side of this, you have entrepreneurs that are ambitious. They want to build something scalable and sellable. They want something global. They want something where they can take advantage of

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