About a month ago, I was sitting in front of my computer just staring at the screen. I was feeling this big ball of stress in my stomach, and I couldn’t exactly place where it was coming from. I had a lot on my plate, and knew that there were things I needed to do – yet all I was doing was sitting there, staring, and not making any progress on anything.  I honestly spent the better part of a day doing this, and that’s when I knew I needed to make a change – because this wasn’t exactly a one time thing. I was stressed, I had a lot to do, yet I didn’t really have a solid idea of why I was

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Connecting vs. Creating: Which is More Important for Business?

For the last few years I’ve been pretty vocal against people who say responding to email isn’t real work. In fact, on any given day almost half of my working hours are spent on my inbox. Why would I spend so much time doing something that so many other successful entrepreneurs try and avoid entirely? For one simple reason: To cultivate relationships. When readers email me, more often than not, they’re lost. They’re looking for an answer, a path, guidance, or simply a place to vent about the frustrations in their life. What I teach on this site and in Location Rebel isn’t right for everyone, and it probably isn’t right for most people. But by spending the time to email with

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10 Self Care Strategies for New Location Rebels

Today’s post is from Location Rebel member, Ellen Bard. If anyone can speak to taking care of yourself while traveling and living abroad, it’s her. She’s a UK transplant living in Chiang Mai, and I had the good fortune to spend time with her in Portland at this year’s World Domination Summit. Take it away Ellen! — You’re juiced. You’ve got a dream. A goal. A vision. You’re going to leave the rat race and create your own rules. Or you’ve already left, and you’re working around the clock in co-working spaces and cafes to bring that dream to life. You know you must work hard. Be focused. Drive yourself. Not let up. But burnout is just as possible for

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The 10 Best Travel Vlog Posts from Location 180

The other night I was out for drinks with a friend of mine who is getting ready to quit his job to travel. He’s always been into video, so I started going through some of the old Location 180 travel vlogs to give him some ideas for his trip. As I was going through them, I couldn’t help but think “Man, some of these are actually pretty good! I should get back into this!” Hopefully soon I can get back into the vlog game, but in the meantime I have a short film that we’ve just finished up that may very well be my favorite thing I’ve ever created for Location Rebel. I’ll be releasing it in the next week

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How to Triple Your Online Business Profits (In 90 Days or Less)

Note from Sean Today’s post comes from Tom McCann – a Location Rebel member who has been making money online for almost two years while traveling to over 15 different countries. Tom shares daily videos on his YouTube Channel where he shares strategies to help others achieve their goals in as little time as possible, and also writes at his blog, Unstoppable Gainer. For me personally, I love using games as a way to make progress on your business – or any other goal for that matter. That’s why I really liked Tom’s approach to increasing business profits. It’s practical and fun, so that’s why I wanted to share it with you today. Here’s Tom… —- As an online business owner,

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10 Lessons Every Aspiring Location Rebel Should Know

As I sit here writing this, the 2015 World Domination Summit (which I help produce) has officially been over for about 12 hours. I’m exhausted. My head hurts. I’m slightly overwhelmed with the work I’ve put off. But most importantly, I couldn’t have been happier with the way this year’s conference went. In my opinion, our 5th year was our best ever. We broke 5 world records. We created art for kids with life threatening illnesses. We created a microcosm of Portland. We fostered a welcoming community for people all over the world. And I hosted my first ever Location Rebel live event. It was 3 hours of me on the stage in front of 250 people: “How were people going to

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The Return of Apprenticeships (And How to Land One)

This is a guest post from Taylor Pearson. I really believe in the apprenticeship model, and I owe a big part of my success today to work I did with Dan and Ian of the Tropical MBA a few years back. If you’re thinking of bringing someone new on board, or you’re looking for a slightly less traditional work relationship – read on. Also Taylor’s new book “The End of Jobs” is available for free for one more day, so go check it out! — After his release from jail, James wasn’t terribly grateful to his brother Ben for running his business while he’d been doing time. Upon release, he not only harassed, but beat his younger brother. Not a good start to

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Crossing #50 Off the Bucket List: Playing Pebble Beach

In 2009 the All You Can Jet deal came out from Jet Blue. Essentially, for $499 you could buy an unlimited plane ticket for a month – that would allow you to go anywhere Jet Blue flies. I’d never seen anything like it, and it sounded like the perfect opportunity to knock a few things off my bucket list, like go to NYC and work from a tropical island. Alas, I was out of vacation days, and my boss refused to give me anymore, despite more than a couple attempts. This was about 6 months after my Brazil trip that inspired this blog, and just two months before I’d end up leaving my job. But at that moment, I was so disappointed

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How to Create a Webinar (that Converts) in 48 Hours

Over the past couple years the latest and greatest strategy in online marketing circles has appeared to be live webinars. I’ve seen many notable marketers claiming that 80%+ of their online sales came specifically from these live calls – which is extraordinarily impressive in my book. The experience I’ve had with webinars, while relatively limited, has also been pretty eye opening. I’ve marketed a live webinar, put on by someone else, to my mailing list probably half a dozen times. 1 flopped, and we only made one sale. 4 netted me in the low 4 figure range. 1 of them made me over $10k. So even though I’ve only done a handful of webinars (and part of the reason I was

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I’m Giving Away My Newest Product…for Free

For the last few months I’ve been sitting on a product that’s one of the most useful things I’ve ever created. It’s called Rebel Launches. Essentially it’s my course where I detail exactly how I go about launching new products. Launching a new or existing product is a really difficult thing. Even if you’re a total expert at your subject matter, knowing exactly how to go about building demand for your product, and then marketing it successfully is stressful and few newbies really get it right. I’ve been honing my strategy for these types of launches for the past four years. I’ve had a lot of success applying it to my semi-annual Location Rebel sales, as well as launching completely new products. For instance when we launched a

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