For the last couple years I’ve been a huge fan of Casey Neistat. Every time I get ready to take a trip, I get really excited about vlogging, telling stories, and I turn to his videos for inspiration. It seems like lately he’s been hitting the mainstream even more, as almost every day something he has done is popping up somewhere in my life. If you haven’t heard of him, maybe you’ve seen this: Recently, I came across a video one of his fans put together that I hadn’t seen. It was Called “A Guide to Life.” It’s over half an hour long, and in the last 24 hours I’ve now watched it three times. This is coming from the guy

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How to Use HARO to get Media Mentions

Note from Sean: This week, we have a guest post from Location Rebel Community Manager, Liz Froment. She’s been using HARO with some success to help get media mentions for people she works with and herself. I thought there was a ton of awesome info in here. So take it away, Liz! There’s a tool I love for getting mentions on bigger sites and news outlets. It’s called HARO. It stands for Help a Reporter Out. Created by Peter Shankman, it helps connect reporters with people who can help them with stories. Sort of like outsourcing information. But, in a good way. For the longest time I had subscribed to the site and never used it. Yea, that was dumb. Now,

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How to Keep Your Everyday Negative Emotions in Perspective

Recently, I had one of the biggest scares of my life. No, no one was hurt or anything like that, but judging by the way I felt, you might have thought the world was coming to an end. I had an early flight out of Boston to head back to Portland, and these days I travel with quite a bit more than I used to. Sean 5 years ago: Nothing but a North Face Surge backpack for 7 months abroad. Sean Today: Rolling suitcase, camera/laptop bag, golf clubs. I hopped on my shuttle, and was happy to arrive at Logan Airport and find no one in line at the American counter. As I always do, I checked my clubs with

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10 Fun Facts About our Shoot for “The Desk”

“Wouldn’t it be cool to shoot a video around everything that Location Rebel embodies??” “Yeah, that’d be amazing. Why can’t we do it?” “Well…I guess we can!” And as simple as that, The Desk became a thing. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is in all it’s glory! How Did the Desk Come to Be? Let’s back up for a second, and fill you in on how this whole thing came to be. It started with a conversation my good friend Jamie McGaw and I were having at the beginning of this year. Jamie is the most creative guy I know and has worked on campaigns for some of the biggest companies in the world. I wanted to get

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Introducing: The Desk

Back at the beginning of the year I was talking with my friend Jamie about some rebranding I wanted to do across all my sites. As part of the conversation, we kept coming back to the idea of shooting a short film for it. What started as a joke quickly morphed into a script, a crew of three, and a desk that found itself in some pretty unique situations. So, while much later than I was hoping to have it released, I could not be more excited to finally introduce “The Desk”! Did you enjoy The Desk? Please help us get the word out! Click here to share on Facebook. Click here to share on Twitter. The Crew Jamie McGaw,

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10 Split Tests for Beginning Bloggers

A/B testing. You’ve probably heard and seen this term on most of the big marketing blogs. But, chances are you aren’t quite sure what it is. Until now. A/B testing is one of those tactics a blogger can do that can help dramatically increase the conversion rates on their website. That’s a good thing. Before we get too far into it, let’s cover a little mini primer on what A/B testing is and how it can help you improve your blog. At it’s most basic, A/B testing is a way to help figure out what methods and strategies your website uses can influence the behavior of your visitor. It takes two versions of the same thing and pits them against

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31 Things You Can Add to Your Morning Routine to Increase Your Productivity

It seems like one of the most popular things for entrepreneurs to talk about online is the morning routine. Generally speaking the idea behind it, is that if you setup a ritual of sorts each morning where you know exactly what you’re doing from the second your eyes open, until the second you sit down from work – you’re setting your day up for increased success and productivity. For some people, it’s simple: wake up, make coffee, go to work. Other people have elaborate 3 hour long routines they go through before they even answer a single email. While there is no right or wrong way, I have found that having some kind of routine in the morning has been extremely advantageous

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22 Fantastic Destinations for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Back when I was working at my day job, I used to go run around the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon almost every day on my lunch break. Every time I’d pretend that I was running along the banks of a tropical beach, someplace faraway and exotic. Once I left my job and moved to Thailand, that was one of the first memories I had – running down the beach in Ao Nang, Thailand living out that dream. Since then I’ve worked from dozens of different places – and talked to hundreds of others that have as well. That’s what’s so cool about this Location Rebel lifestyle thing – as long as you have wifi and a laptop you can

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14 Ways to Make Your First Dollar Online (And Instructions for Each)

“Has a job, would like to start something online, doesn’t know where to start.” Does that resonate with you at all? After doing a recent survey of my audience, the results came in, and a whopping 70% of the people that responded fit that description above. I was really excited about this. Why? Because this is an easy problem to solve! This is what Location 180 is all about. This is what I’ve been working to help people achieve for the last 6 years of my life. We go into a ton of detail about the exact steps and provide accountability inside Location Rebel – but I wanted to write a post to help you get off your ass. I wanted

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Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (And How to Do It)

It was the fourth Periscope notification I’d received that day. “Derek Halpern is Live” He is one of my favorite bloggers, and I was cooking dinner, so I figured I’d tune in and see what he was up to. Turns out he was at a bar in NYC with a couple other friends of mine, and let’s just say, well, they’d had a few drinks. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one tuning in. He had hundreds of people on this Periscope to watch him basically drink martinis. Now I admittedly haven’t spent much time learning the ins and outs of Periscope, but I couldn’t believe how many people had tuned in. Earlier in the day Lewis Howes had gone

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