How Complete Newbies Can Land Killer Guest Posts: The Ultimate Guide

Note from Sean: I still think guest posting is one of the absolute best ways you can grow your audience, email list, and search rankings. And today I’m sharing with you just a portion of the very best guest blog post I’ve ever had here on Location 180. In How Complete Newbies Can Land Killer Guest Posts: the Ultimate Guide, Location Rebel member Alp Turan breaks down exactly how to land killer guest blogging opportunities. This will be presented in a 3 part series, and the entire thing is bordering on 20,000 words. So if you’ve ever wanted to get more traffic and subscribers through guest posting – look no further than this massive post. We’ve published parts 1 and 2 –

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Why We’re Releasing Our First New Course in 4 Years

About 4 years ago I released a course called Hacking the High Life. The idea was to help individuals with online brands work with larger companies to create win/win scenarios that give exposure to the businesses, and cool experiences for the individual. The course sold well, but wasn’t really perceived in the way I’d hoped it would be (it’s still available as part of Location Rebel). At this time, I had a decision to make. Do I keep working on a new product every 6-12 months, or do I double down on what’s working the best and really focus on that? I chose the latter, and went all in on Location Rebel. And you know what? It was the best

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Vlog 15: How to Quit Your Job

A while back I created a post called 13 Approaches to Quitting Your Job (Without Burning Bridges) and it has continued to be one of the most popular posts on the site. The reality is, quitting your job can be really difficult. Emotions can be running high, people take things personally, and if you’re anything like me, you may feel a severe sense of obligation to your employer. But assuming the time is right, quitting your job doesn’t have to be that hard. In this week’s vlog post we look at two different components of leaving your job: What you need to do in order to prepare to leave 5 actual strategies for broaching the idea with your boss If you’re not totally content

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The Ultimate Cold Email Checklist

Every week I get dozens of terrible emails. The scary part is most people don’t have a clue how badly these poorly written emails are hurting them. For the last few months Liz and I have been working on a solution to this problem. We’ve been creating a program that shows you exactly how to write an email that not only gets opened, but gets a response – in both your personal and business lives. To put it simply, email has changed my life. Sending emails has opened me up to opportunities I simply never thought possible – but if you’re not writing them in the proper way you’re dead in the water.  Next week we’re releasing our latest course “The Rebel’s Guide to

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Vlog #14: How to Get Over Your Fear of Sales

Recently I’ve been working with my buddy David Anderson, to put together a couple new blueprints on selling for our Location Rebel members. When it comes to talking to people on the phone, this guy is the man. This past week we were skiing together in Vail, Colorado – and rather than just showing nothing but gratuitous shots of us busting backflips in the terrain park, and plowing through acres of fresh powder – I figured I’d try and shoot something that might actually be useful to you. So in this week’s vlog, along with a few shots of us on the slopes – David, our friend Madi, and I, each share our best tip for getting over your fear

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The Rocky Road to Creating Your First iOS App

Today, anyone with a great idea, involved in a startup, freelancing or a part of a small business is considered an entrepreneur. Yet, millions of entrepreneurs fail because they’re unable to get connected with the necessary resources to flourish. My name is Vincent Vitale. I’m a professional growth hacker, and the co-founder of an iPhone app that connects entrepreneurs, called Fount. Since I launched my own mobile app and been through the sometimes rocky road that goes along with it, I wanted to share my experience for people wanting to do something similar. In this post, I’m going to take you through the very real pain I faced when I didn’t have the connections to successfully launch a startup. I’ll explain the struggles I faced while co-founding

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Location 180 Digs Episode 6: Shangri-La Maldives Treehouse Villa

So my plan for the vlog this week got thrown out the window for two reasons. The first, was the day I was going to shoot most of it turned out to be whiteout conditions in the morning here in Vail. The second reason was that when I arrived here my tripod had been snapped in half on the flight. I’m not even sure how that happens, but the fact remains, it was going to be tough to shoot either of the videos I had in mind. So I moved to the next best thing: Location 180 Digs. I still hadn’t edited one of the videos from the Maldives, so I put that together with a few shots from Vail

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Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur: 12 Books to Jumpstart Your Education

Note from Sean: This week we have another guest post from our Location Rebel Community Manager, Liz Froment. She’s one of the biggest reader’s I know and has led quite a few discussions on them inside the LR forums. This week, she covers 12 books you should read to kickstart your own location independent lifestyle education. Take it away, Liz! A New Approach to Reading One of my favorite quotes is by a guy named Charlie Munger. Chances are you might not have heard of him. But, I’d guess you’ve heard of billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Charlie is his right hand man at Berkshire Hathaway. What makes Charlie and Warren interesting, besides that they could spend their days diving into swimming pools

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Vlog 12 – Location 180 Coffee Q&A Vol. 1

In this episode of the vlog, I figured rather than talk about all the things I wanted to talk about – I’d go straight to you and see what questions you had. We cover everything from how to make your info product sexier, to swingers clubs, and Thai visas. Have questions for a future vlog? Just send em over to

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8 Alternatives to the 9 to 5 Schedule that Cater to the Solopreneur

Over the years my preferred work hours have continuously evolved. I’ve gone from the traditional 9 to 5 (or in my case 7:30 to 5), to being a night owl, morning person, and just about everything in between. I’ve found each of these different work hours to have it’s pros and cons, and each has served me well for different purposes. For instance, while living in Bangkok and working on my first product, Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty, I’d often start writing around 9:00 at night with a gin and tonic in hand, and finish in the early hours of the morning. These days my preferred workday shifts depending on what I’m working on and where I am, but most often it

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