8 Lessons Learned from Producing an Event for 3k People

For the last 4 years I’ve been a part of the core team that puts on the World Domination Summit. We work nearly year round to create an event that lasts just a couple days, but hopefully provides memories that will last a lot longer than that. Through the course of being involved with WDS there are a lot of lessons I’ve learned about how to put on a giant event. We routinely aare praised for our attention to detail, and I like to think it’s because we take a different approach to conferences than the average person. In this post I want to share some stories about the event, and give you a little bit more insight into what

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14 Things Location Rebels Can Do That Employees Can’t

When it comes to lifestyle entrepreneurship people tend to jump straight to benefits like traveling the world and living out of a backpack. And while sure that’s fantastic, the reality is only a small percentage choose to leverage their freedom in that way. The benefits of being a Location Rebel, extend far beyond traveling – to everyday aspects of the lifestyle that will have a broader appeal to more people. Today I wanted to take a few minutes and just be brutally honest about some of the coolest things that I’m able to do now that I couldn’t do when I was a full time employee. 1) Go to a Matinee Have you been to a movie lately? Man, when

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Today We Celebrate our Freedom. Do You Really Feel Free?

For those of us here in America, today is our Independence Day – the day we celebrate our freedom. I’m thankful for the people out there who continue to fight to protect that freedom that we enjoy, and often take for granted, every single day. With that being said, one of the things that I’ve realized over the last few years in talking to so many readers – is that many of us don’t feel nearly as free as we would like. We’re extremely fortunate to have our basic American liberties such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc – but many seem to feel trapped by the very lives they have created for themselves. Why is this? The

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The Lifestyle Expansion Dilemma (And Why it Matters to You)

Starting a lifestyle business and earning income on your own is easy. Seriously, it’s not complicated. It’s work, but it’s not difficult work. One of the biggest shocks to me since beginning to see some a modicum of success, has been the difficulties that come after you have some income flowing in. I tell people early on, don’t even think about what you want to do. If you really want a lifestyle like this, screw your passion. I don’t care about that. I don’t care about taking all of your interests and merging it into one perfect, everything is unicorns and rainbows type of business (at first). I only care about one thing when your getting going: generating income. Once you can generate a little bit

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How A Week Long Workcation Changed My Life (And Business)

Note from Sean:  A couple months ago Noah Kagan wrote a guest post here about the concept of a workcation – something very near and dear to my heart In the process, he gave away a trip down to Austin where one lucky Location 180 reader would join him and his team at AppSumo on a workcation of their very own. Stephanie Halligan of the Empowered Dollar was the recipient, and I asked her to do a recap post talking about her experience and the impact it had on her business. This is the result Take it away Steph! – “Prepare yourself ☺” That was the last email I got from Noah Kagan of AppSumo as I headed off for

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How I Maximize Productivity While I Travel

Dan and I on the first tee at Bethpage Black outside of NYC – one of the most famous golf courses in the US. After a few months in Portland working on conferences, buying a house, and getting engaged – I’ve definitely been overdue for some time on the road! This week I’m in NYC to do a little work, play some golf, and have a good time. (And praying I don’t have a repeat of what happened last time I was in New York). Between everything I have going on here, and all of the WDS planning that’s been happening back home, the balance between enjoying my time on the east coast, while still being productive is a fine line. To be honest,

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How to Create a Bundle Sale That Sells (And is a Win/Win/Win Scenario for Everyone)

Check out my Contribution to The Paradise Pack here! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a bundle sale. Oh, what’s that you say? You just came out of hibernation and moved out from under your rock? No problem, here’s the quick version: A bundle sale is usually an online sale where you can get a “bundle” of products for one low price for a set period of time. A typical offer could be get over $1k worth of business books for $97! On the surface this might sound salesy/schemey, but when put together properly it’s one of the best examples of a win/win/win scenario I’ve seen online.

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How to Make, Market, and Manage a Killer Online Course

This is a guest post from Dave of SelfMadeBusinessman.com.  One of my favorite experiments from last year was running a course online. With very little marketing I was able to get 17 sign ups at $200 each and it cost me virtually nothing to get off the ground. While this pales in comparison to what many of the top dogs are pulling in with their online courses, we did it with an audience of less than 20k page views a month and a good story. It goes to show just how powerful online courses can be and how low the barrier to entry is. Today we are going to take an in depth look at online courses. In this guide you

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My Framework for Figuring Out if Entrepreneurship is Right For You

This started off as a post about excuses. However, once I started writing it, I realized there was an entire blog post I needed to write before covering how to overcome your excuses. What is that you might ask? You need to understand why you want to start a business in the first place. If you email me and say “I’m ready to start a business” and I ask you “why”, and you don’t have an extremely clear answer to that question, then you’re not ready. Often the people with the most excuses are the ones who shouldn’t be building a business to begin with. So how do you figure out if entrepreneurship is the right fit for you? Three Step Process for Figuring Out What

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Why I’m Going to Start Giving Way More Gifts

Ever since I wrote about my engagement and my new house, the UPS guy has been at my house pretty much every single day. Seriously, I’ve received more packages in 3 weeks than the last three years combined. Many of those have been gifts from friends, family, and a few people I’ve never even met. To be honest, I’ve never been the best gift giver. It’s not that my intentions aren’t good, or that I don’t do nice things for people, but when it comes to the thoughtful gift, I’ve just never been very good at following through. Which is too bad, because I could improve just about every aspect of both personal and business relationships simply by being better

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