Vlog 5 – My Secret for Creating New Year’s Resolutions (or Reaching Any Big Goal)

Happy new year! Like approximately 93% of other people on the planet, I like to use the new year as a time to set new goals, and reflect on how old ones went. I also like to take a walk around the city on January 1st. Half to get rid of my hangover, but also to just take a day to be grateful and reflect on everything I have. This year, I take you with me. I give you a little tour of my neighborhood in Portland, and then sit down and talk about my approach for new year’s resolutions, and why I think most people are setting themselves up for failure. Let me know what you think. Also, make sure

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“Before People Buy from You, They Have to Buy Into You”

Last month I was sitting in my hotel room in New York reading the latest issue of Fast Company. There was a really interesting article about the rise of Napster and what it meant for the evolution of the music industry. In it, there was a quote from rap pioneer, Chuck D. He said: “We came up with the philosophy back then that we still use today, before people buy from you, they have to buy into you.” This is the single best piece of business advice I’ve heard in a long time. So many people think you can just throw up a sales page and immediately start making sales. Sure that might lead to a couple bucks, but if you

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The Ultimate Launch Checklist (For Your Next Sale)

It’s that time of year again. This week I’ll be launching our fourth annual Location Rebel New Years Promotion. It’s pretty widely known that I only do two major promotions a year for LR. I do one on New Years Day, and one on the anniversary of starting the site in July. These are two of the best times to join because you get to come in with a big group of people, who are all eager to start a business and make major changes in their lives. Now, I do these sales in a way that’s a little more unconventional than what most typical marketers do. For one, I don’t discount the price at all. Sure, I could get a lot

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Vlog #4: How to Decide if a Lifestyle Business is Right for You

In this week’s blog I haven’t been traveling, and it’s been pouring down rain in Portland – so we’re doing something a little bit different. Rather than taking you on a journey across the world…or Manhattan, you get me in my living room talking about what it takes to create a lifestyle business. In particular, I share three things you to should consider to help you figure out if a lifestyle business is right for you. Digging these videos? Subscribe to my You Tube channel here!

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My 2015 Annual Overview (And Process for Doing It)

I’m still not entirely sure how it’s almost 2016 yet, but somehow, it is. This year has been full of incredible stories, big life changes, and a few let downs as well. In today’s post I’m going to share with you the first part of my annual review process: the overview. The reason I say this is an overview, is that I’ll usually go through this process as a general starting point, and then between now and the end of the year I’ll deep dive into these a little bit more to really understand the why behind each, which allows me to position myself for success for the next year. I think it’s important to have an overview before you go too

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Vlog #3: Seeing the Statue of Liberty for the First Time

I spent all of last week hanging out in New York City. It was great, I saw a ton of old friends, the weather was 60 degrees and sunny, and I got to check out some fun places with my wife Tate. One afternoon though, I decided to do something I’d never done before: go see the Statue of Liberty. In the dozen or so times I’ve been to NYC, I’d never even set eyes on it – so it seemed like a fun adventure. For our 3rd vlog, you get to follow along as I awkwardly talk to the camera while thousands of people mocked me. Ok, it’s NYC, no one really cares, but doing the whole vlogging thing

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The Truth About the Three Different Types of Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post from Jacqui Pretty. Jacqui is the Founder and Head Editor of Grammar Factory, which helps entrepreneurs write awesome books so they can establish themselves as thought leaders. You can download the first two chapters of her new book for free here. Take it away Jacqui! — Imagine this scenario… You sign up for a business course or coaching program. Your coach makes you delve deep into the passion behind your business. They open your eyes to new possibilities and endless horizons. They build your confidence, telling you about the difference you could make and the impact you could have on the world. You realize that you’ve been playing too small. You need to get bigger,

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Vlog #2: The World’s Most Exotic “Office”

For vlog numero dos, we headed out on a bit of an adventure. I flew around the entire world (literally) in search of the “world’s most exotic office.” We hit some cool spots, and eventually I think I found a winner. For those who haven’t seen them yet, I’m doing a video blog as an experiment for the next month or so. Every Thursday morning we’ll be posting a new video that’s either travel or lifestyle business related. If you enjoy it, let me know by subscribing here. Here’s this week’s vlog detailing our quest

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The 10 Coolest Offices of 2015

In keeping with the Location Rebel spirit, at the end of each year I create a list of the top 10 coolest “offices” I’ve had for the year. Clearly, these are not offices in the traditional sense, but rather proving that you really truly can work from anywhere. Here the offices from previous years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 This year was extra fun as we created an entire video around this concept. If you haven’t seen The Desk, you should proooobably watch it now: I only included one of these “offices” in this list, as it was the one where I, surprisingly, actually got legitimate work done in the form of a blog post. So with that, let’s jump right in

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What to Do on a 24 Hour Layover in Singapore (Video)

Recently I had a 24 hour layover in Singapore. Fortunately, Singapore is the perfect place to have a long layover. As it’s easy to get to and from the airport, there’s a lot packed into a small area, and you get to go have an original Singapore Sling! Perfect. While expensive, you can get by on the cheap by walking everywhere and being selective with your splurges (a Singapore Sling at the Raffles is $26…ouch).   In the past I’ve had a really good time putting together video blogs, and this is the start of a little experiment. For the next few weeks I’m going to post a video a week every Thursday and see what kind of reaction they get. Like

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