5 Key Components to Your First Successful Product Launch

Today is the start of the annual Only 72 sale.  This year’s sale is easily the most excited I’ve been for one of their offerings.  Why? Because the offer is the most cohesive they’ve ever put together, and they’re featuring some of their biggest names ever. Check out all the details, but don’t wait too long as the sale ends Thursday morning at 9am.

Very few marketers have been able to achieve the success that Adam Baker and co have with their Only 72 brand.

If you’re not familiar with it, essentially they take some of the best business/entrepreneurial products around, and for only 72 hours (hence the name) they make them available as a package for one really low price.

Usually when I write a post for their sale I just give a brief recap of what all the products are.  That’s good information to know, but this time I wanted to do something that would be a little bit more appealing to everyone – not just the people that plan on picking up the package.

To do that, I’ll be looking at some of the most successful components of their sales, and how someone launching a product or doing an online sale for the first time can leverage some of their strategies.

I don’t do many promotions, but the fact that I’m still writing posts like this is a testament to the quality of their offerings.

So let’s jump right into it.

1) Transparency is Way More Important than You Think

From the beginning of his blogging career, Adam Baker was one of the most transparent bloggers on the internet.  He revealed his income every month, always talked about the realities of building his business, and essentially put himself and his family out there for the world to see for the better part of 4 years.

It was always really clear what you were going to get with Adam, and when he partnered with Karol Gajda for the first Only 72 sales, he didn’t have to do any elaborate marketing schemes to get people to want to purchase the offer.

He was always straight forward and open about what he was doing, so when he creates a killer offer, it wasn’t difficult to convert readers into buyers.

To take this to the next level, blogger and marketer Pat Flynn has joined the team.  Pat is another guy who posts his income every single month and is about as open as they get online.  For so many people, simply knowing he is involved is reason enough to buy.

Building transparency into your brand is huge when it comes to a product launch. Where so many other people have to work really hard to convince people their offer is legit, people like Adam and Pat just put it out there, and their audience already has faith and confidence that it’s going to be awesome.

2) Always Strive for the Win/Win/Win

In a major product launch there are usually three key players: the author, the affiliate, and the buyer.

This is where Only 72 has really excelled. They essentially make the offer a no brainer for everyone involved.

How have they created a win/win/win in this case? Let’s take a look at how all parties are benefitting:


In this case the team is bringing people with products on board, and asking them to include something they’ve worked really hard on in the sale.

I’ve included my products in the past as well.  Not only does it generate a lot of exposure for what you do, it gives you a great opportunity to provide even more value to your audience.

If you contribute a product, you get a very high affiliate commission.  This is great for you, because you have a great offer to promote to your audience, and some people even make more off their affiliate commission than they would making a sale at retail price.


For this iteration of the sale, I’m just an affiliate.  If someone I refer buys the product, I get a commission.  I have no problem telling you about it, as I’m buying a copy for myself as well.  Especially this year, the lineup is just too good to pass up.

I can’t speak for other affiliates, but I usually refer dozens of people and generate a nice little bonus for myself after each 72 hour period ends.


There’s no other compilation out there that offers so many high quality products at such a good price – so anyone who gets in on the deal is a winner.  This year I think they do a really good job of making the products cohesive.  In the past, while all the stuff has been good, it hasn’t necessarily had a good theme to it.

This year’s theme of “Be Everywhere” really comes across well, and it features some stuff on podcasting and video that I’m really excited about.

The authors win, the affiliates win, and the buyers win – every promotion you do should strive for this kind of scenario.

3) Add Legitimate Scarcity

We’ve all seen the false scarcity tactic used.  “OH! We only have 7 copies left of this digital product that I could theoretically create millions of!”

Bottom line is, people use scarcity because it works.

In this case, the arrangement they have with the authors is only good for 72 hours.  So they really can’t sell it past Thursday at 9am.  From a sales perspective this is great, because it forces anyone who is on the fence to make a decision (without being shady about it).

4) K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Stupid)

This is a throwback to my college days, but it’s extremely applicable here.  I’ve seen a lot of marketers do really elaborate sales funnel and long term launches – which is great if you’re really good at what you do.

For most people though, they aren’t that good and those elaborate launches just complicate things.  Often people get overwhelmed, stop paying attention, and then you’ve lost them forever.

Only 72 has always been really simple. A bunch of products, one really low price, 72 hours.

People can understand that.  The site is setup to make purchasing and getting your questions answered as simple as possible.

In fact KISS is so important that the one year they added a second price tier, things didn’t go nearly as well as they’d expected it to.

5) Make it Affordable

Sure there might be a small audience of people looking to buy a bundle of products for $1,000, but that’s a much more difficult sell.

They’re able to find people who already have very good reputations, take their products, and sell them for a steal.

It falls into that “no brainer” purchase category, that really gives you to have the ability to scale.

This go around things are a little bit more expensive at $197, but for the quality of products, I think there’s going to be a large audience of people (like myself) who will pick this up without hesitation.

Quick Recap

There are all kinds of different ways to do an online sale or launch a product, and not all of these tips are right for every type of launch.  That being said, if it’s your first time doing a launch, pay very close attention to these five lessons from Only 72.

You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration, help more people, and make more money than if you try and become the next Frank Kern.

To see the full lineup of products in this sale and grab a copy of your own, head over to Only 72.

Melissa July 2, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Thanks for posting this Sean. Right when I think I’ve heard of the major players in the internet marketing/blogging world, I discover another. I will keep my eye on Adam Baker. Thanks for continuing to bring attention to people who are truly helpful.


Kevin Cole July 4, 2013 at 8:33 am

Just purchased this yesterday and I’m definitely glad I did.

There’s a crazy amount of value in this bundle. Pat Flynn’s Breakthrough Blogging and Scott Dinsmore’s Connect With Anyone modules definitely sold me. But now that I am getting into the meat of the course I’m getting excited to learn more about making better videos and even podcasting. It’s solid stuff.


Navid Moazzez July 8, 2013 at 1:10 am

Great post Sean, thanks for sharing this with us!

I purchased the Only 72 bundle last week, and there’s defintiely a lot of value in there. From Pat’s blogging course, to Podcasting, Videos and Scott Dinsmore’s Connect With Anyone Course and more. Since I just started my own blog, I’m sure I will get so much value out of the different courses in this bundle, and implement it as I start my own lifestyle businesses as well.


Andrew Jackson October 21, 2013 at 12:05 pm

One thing that manufacturers tend to overlook is the importance of product samples. By getting some products out to consumers before the product launch you can gather some key data and first hand consumer feedback of the new product before the full launch goes into play. Additionally by getting the products out into hands of key consumers you will get consumers talking about your product which will increase the buzz before the launch date.


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